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Silent Generator (CANOPY)

Silent Generator (CANOPY)

Silent Generator (CANOPY)

Environment friendly, low noise and vibration, weather proof enclosure for our complete range of generating sets.

  • Our Sound Proof enclosure of low noise (68 to 75 dBA) at 3 meters.
  • It is durable and fully detachable as it rests on Nuts/Bolts system (Dismantlable type)
  • Enclosure has the provision for proper cooling system
  • There is sufficient air for engine aspiration and proper heat dissipation as the fans maintain proper cross flow
  • We have specially designed Residential Silencers which maintain low noise level
  • Our enclosure have ani vibration mountings and expansion bellows which maintain low vibrations
    • Our enclosure is of users friendly designs i.e
    • Easy maintenance – Door provided at all sides
    • Easy monitoring – Inspection Window is provided
    • Easy Handling & Easy Transportation


    • Temperature rise between 5-10 Degree Centigrade
    • We are designing up to 68 to 75 dBA noise level.
    • Suitable for tropical climates
    • Glass Control panel viewing windows
    • Emergency stop button
    • Easy in transportation
    • Corrosion resistant modular construction
    • Sheet components pre-treated with cold fast fitting prior to powder coating
    • Edpm Quality gas kits
    • Textured insulation materials as per IS 8183, Comprising of fire retardant resin, organic glass/rock fibre ensure uniform long lasting absorption of sound.

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