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Lister Type Diesel Engine Water Cooled

Lister Type Diesel Engine Water Cooled

Lister Type Diesel Engine Water Cooled

Popular lister type heavy duty slow speed single cylinder diesel engine, ideal for agricultural applications the model ranges from 5 to 14 HP

10H.P/7.36KW: These diesel engines are extremely simple and are of closed crankcase design with all the working parts totally enclosed. These engines operate on 4 stroke principle at the relatively low speed of 1000 r.p.m. They are easy to maintain, economical to run and need minimum replacement of spare parts. Oil engines are widely used for pumps for irrigation purposes, Tube-Wells, Concrete Mixtures, Flour Mills and Rice Hurlers, Saw Mills, Rotary Oil Mills, electric generators etc.

SPECIAL FEATURES: The combustion chamber with its comp. Ratio provides for easy hand starting even in winter for which 4 stroke diesel engine have on extremely good reputation.

TYPE: Diesel engine is single cylinder ,4 stroke, water cooled, vertical, cold starting totally enclosed.

COMBUSTION: Combustion chamber is open type .This has cast iron piston in LR-4 type and aluminum alloy piston in LR-7 type engine, Respectively having four compression and one oil ring in LR-4 type and three compression and two oil rings in LR-7 type engine.

BEARINGS: Main bearings are taper roller bearings. Large and bearings of C. rod is of steel and white metal, Rockers and C. rod small end bush are of gun metal.

LUBRICATION: Large and bearings and main bearings are lubricated by splash lubrication in LR-4 model engine and by reciprocating lub. oil pump in LR-7 model engine. Camshaft bush is also lubricated by splash, Rocker bushes are lubricated by cup fed lubrication.

SPEED GOVERNOR: Speed of engine is controlled by governor. It is fully closed. It is fixed on camshaft gear wheel.

BALANCING: Flywheel is also balanced to increase the life of engine and the parts.

COOLING SYSTEM: Engine is cooled by radiator or water tank or run through system.

EXHAUST SYSTEM: One pepper pot type silencer is fitted to reduce the sound .

AIR FILTER: Oil bath air cleaner is fitted to filter the air.

STARTING: Engine is started by handle manually.

ROTATION: Clockwise when looking at flywheel with exhaust on left hand side.

VERY IMPORTANT INSTRUCTION: The engine efficiency & fuel consumption is better if the water outlet temperature is maintained between 500C to 700C. Please run the engine at specified temperature.

STANDARD EQUIPMENT: Starting Handle, five wrenches, silencer, screw driver, air cleaner, Oil can. Pulley.

Horse Power568881010101010121214/10.30
No. of Cylinder1111111111111
Bore (mm)114.3114.3114.3120120120120120120120127127127
Stroke (mm)139.7139.7139.7139.7139.7139.7139.7132139.7139.7139.7132139.7
Cubic Capacity (CC)1432.711432.711432.711579.21579.21579.21579.21492.91579.21579.21770 1671.31768.77
Fly Wheel Dia (mm)590590590515515515515479578590664479666
Fly Wheel Width (mm)9090909595959510095105100100100
Fuel Tank Capacity (Liters)9999999999121212
Fuel Consumption Gm/kw/hr. on Full Load265265265265265265265235231231265235231
Gm/bhp/hr. on full load195195195195195195195173170170195173170
Lubricating Oil Consumption Gm/bhp/hr. on full load444444442.52.5442.17
Foundation Holes Center Distance (mm)330 x330330 x330330 x330330 x330330 x330330 x330330 x330305 x200330 x330 330 x330330 x330305 x200330 x330
Net Weight330330330365365345365290360380400300535
ISI mark or not ?YesYesYesYesYesYesYesNoYesNoNoNoNo

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